Meet Manic Depressive Food Critic David Leite

Renowned food critic, David Leite battled episodes of deep depression and bouts of manic, unbridled energy. These high highs and low lows acted as major obstacles for Leite. It wasn’t until his 30s that he realized the demons he had been battling were actually related to bipolar disorder.

With proper treatment, Leite was able to begin living a harmonious life. He turned his love for food into a career and still uses cooking as one of his go-to wellness practices.

In his entertaining and thought provoking memoir, Notes on a Banana, Leite detail his emotional journey to better mental health.

The What’s Working crew traveled to New York to sit down with Leite and discuss how he is keeping himself mentally well today and also provides our host, Kyle Kittleson, some much needed cooking lessons.