Ketamine for Depression: Watch What a Treatment Is Actually Like

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Last week, hypnotherapist, Grace Smith, took Callie, Kyle, and viewers through a self-guided hypnosis to decrease anxiety. This week, we’re exploring a brand new treatment popping up all over America.

Have you heard of ketamine? It has been used as a dissociative anesthetic for decades in hospitals but is now being used to treat treatment resistant depression, severe anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and chronic pain. How does ketamine work and is it safe?

Callie and Kyle, with a special appearance from Brigid, our What’s Working producer, visit the Pacific Ketamine Institute in Beverly Hills to discover first hand how this pioneering treatment works and also undergo a 40-minute ketamine infusion treatment. Callie did not participate, however.

Viewers also get an education from MedCircle Doctor, double-board certified psychiatrist, Dr. Dom, on who discusses the benefits of ketamine and also what type of person could be a candidate for this type of treatment.