Use the ABC’s to Break Bad Habits | Dr. Judy Ho

Last week, triple-board certified clinical and forensic psychologist, Dr. Judy Ho, provided tools and tips on how to stop self-sabotage.

This week’s episode, Dr. Judy is back and is discussing how to break your bad habits once and for all, using the ABC’s.

A is for Antecedent

The antecedent is the stimulus that causes the behavior. If your alarm clock wakes you up, the sound of the alarm clock is the antecedent.

B is for Behavior

In this discussion, the behavior is the thing we want to change and perhaps replace with a healthier behavior. These behaviors always come after the antecedent.

C is for Consequence

Finally, consequences occur after a behavior. Consequences can be “good” or “bad.” They can be a physical consequence, like loosing weight. Or they can be a thought or a feeling.

Tune in to this episode to start crushing those bad habits and replacing them with new, healthy habits! We’d like to thank Dr. Judy for her wonderful knowledge and insight.