MedCircle provides in-depth mental health educational series and believes integrating mental wellness techniques is a critical part of achieving your optimal mental health. That’s where What’s Working comes in. 

The purpose of What’s Working is to examine various mental wellness practices that are working for the show’s guests.

Each episode allows the viewer to walk away with a new, actionable wellness technique that could work for them.

While What’s Working is informative, viewers are guaranteed to be entertained through Callie & Kyles endlessly witty dynamic – and through their adventurous foray into the multifaceted world of mental wellness.

What’s Working! shares adventurous wellness practices with health-minded viewers interested in improving their mental wellness. Callie & her co-host Kyle will entertain you with their witty dynamic as they explore a new, actionable wellness technique that will work for you in every episode! There are lots of resources that share wellness tips. What makes us different is the unique way we deliver the wellness practices that will improve your life – without sacrificing credibility. From celebrities to wellness gurus to doctors, we feature a diverse docket of guests each week. Not only are we the only show hosted by a dog – we’re the only show dedicated to helping you live a mentally well life while “expecting the unexpected” in every episode.

We love getting ideas for new wellness practices to try from you, our viewers, so subscribe to our YouTube channel & leave us a comment with one that you want Callie & Kyle to explore next! New episodes every Tuesday at 3PM ET/12PM PT.

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